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We had to stop publicly displaying clear previews as some people were copying and selling the previews on-line. You can see clear previews right away when you get an Ambigram Artwork Bundle. The Ambigram Artwork Bundle gets you 25 instant previews, a 16 page PDF eBook and the design in full high definition (HD) on a transparent background.
The Ambigram Artwork Bundle is a convenient way to create, select and receive your awesome FlipScript ambigram. You can use your 25 instant previews to find your favorite design, select it and have it delivered to you for one price. To see how many Ambigram Artwork Bundle Credits you currently have, click 'My Account' at the bottom of this site.
You don't need to have an Ambigram Artwork Bundle to order, but it comes with 25 instant, free previews, so it makes sense to get one. However, you certainly can use this site and place orders with a credit card or PayPal even if you do not have an Ambigram Artwork Bundle.
Your FlipScript ambigram eBook is created the instant you order, and takes several minutes to create. Your design will arrive in your email Inbox within 30 minutes of ordering.
All of the fonts that we offer are available through the web site when you click 'Create New Design'. Today, the two fonts we offer are FyreWater and WyndeStorm.
No, you will also need the Licensing Agreement which comes with the artwork. The ambigram eBook also provides additional benefits including alternate presentations of the design, verification of authenticity and additional information.
By purchasing the Personal Use License (the default), you will be licensed to use the design in any way you wish for your own personal use. By purchasing the Commercial Package (the upgrade), you may put the design on products that you may then resell.
The designs are licensed, not sold. Your Licensing Agreement will come with the artwork. Other people may license similar or identical designs.
Yes, but it is easiest if you choose the license you will need when you order. To upgrade, please contact us.
All designs offered on the FlipScript web site are licensed, not sold. You will not own the design, and will not be able to obtain a trademark for it. If you would like us to create an exclusive 'work for hire' design that you can own and trademark, please contact us.
Not at this time, although if you only need accented characters, you can often easily add those on to a design containing non-accented characters after you order.
Yes. You may select the color of the ambigram design when you order.
Yes! After you have licensed a design, you will have the opportunity to purchase mouse pads, coasters, coffee mugs, key chains and more with your licensed design on them. You can also log into your account, go to order details and create products from any designs you've licensed in the past.
Usually, but you will need to order two designs to do it. You will need to test the words or names and find two of them that fit together well. Those words or names will become the first line and the third line (upside-down). The second line will need to invert to itself, which is almost always possible. You will then need to line up the designs one under the other yourself after you order. Feel free to contact us if you need help.
No, the ambigram maker is designed to run as a service, and therefore there is no software to be downloaded. If you are interested in licensing the ambigram maker service, please contact us.
FlipScript is in business to license the artwork that is created on the site. Taking the designs from the site and re-creating them yourself is a violation of the site's Terms of Service Agreement. If you appreciate what we've created, please support our work.
Sometimes we are able to complete the artwork that will allow a specific design to complete, but usually when two names don't work out, it is because they are not compatible (often due to a difference in length). Feel free to Contact Us to see if it will be possible to make your desired names work out.
We would consider entertaining reasonable offers. Feel free to Contact us.
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