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Ambigram Letters

ambigram letters The FlipScript ambigram letters are what allow you to create your own invertible ambigram designs. The letters in the FyreWater and WyndeStorm ambigram fonts have been developed using some advanced technology that allows them to be read upright as well as upside-down. There isn't much in common with normal, everyday letters!

Ambigram letters can not be used normally, since there would be no way to type what you want on a keyboard (some of the letters are upside-down and backward), so special software is needed to put the ambigram letters together. The ambigram maker software supports more letters than a language needs.

Even though you can't use FlipScript ambigram letters in a normal way, you can still use them through a more sophisticated technique: our ambigram maker software.

Just click the button on below that says Create New Design, and you won't need to worry about the letters.

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