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The History of WyndeStorm

Beauty and Elegance

WyndeStorm was designed to fill a need for a beautiful, elegant ambigram font with well designed curves.  Completely vector-based from beginning to end, WyndeStorm was able to progress beyond what was possible with other fonts, and to appear flawless at any size or for any purpose.  Designed to appeal to a demographic interested in a less masculine look than what was common at the time, WyndeStorm was a breakthrough in timeless appeal, elegance and scalability.  It was the first complex-character ambigram font to be able to invert a word to itself more than 90% of the time.

WyndeStorm was developed as a work-for-hire by Daniel Dostal, Nikita Prokhorov and Mark Hunter.


Ambigram Artist Daniel Dostal

Daniel Dostal

Daniel Dostal, from Lodz, Poland is a master at beautiful typography.  Daniel has a real eye for aesthetics, and you can tell that he genuinely cares about his work.  His curves served as the basis for the WyndeStorm font, and helped cement his legacy among the world's great ambigram artists.  Incidentally, Daniel was the only artist to work on both the WyndeStorm and FyreWater fonts, contributing not just his artistic expertise, but a certain underlying consistency to FlipScript's artwork.  On a personal level, Daniel is always dedicated, friendly, and eager to produce results, and was a real pleasure to work with.

Ambigram Artist Nikita Prokhorov

Graphic designer Nikita Prokhorov was also hired to develop artwork, create characters and further assist with the artwork.