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The History of FyreWater

World's Most Advanced Font

Although there is no official record, the FlipScript FyreWater font is very likely the world's most advanced font.  Able to create words, names and phrases that can be read upright as well as upside-down, FyreWater also contains patent pending technology, user-configurable options and more unique forms than any other font ever created.  We have requested that the Guinness Book of World Records create a category of "World's Largest Font" in order to allow the FyreWater font to apply for that record.

Despite the sophistication of the FyreWater font today, like everything else it started from humble beginnings.

Originally unnamed, the font went by the code name of "Blacknote", and the first step was to create the basic look of the font.  Considering that the creation of the font would take literally years of time, getting the overall look right from the beginning was critically important.

The original look of the FyreWater font was established by master ambigram artists Daniel Dostal of Poland and John Langdon of Pennsylvania.

Ambigram Artist Daniel Dostal

Daniel Dostal

Daniel Dostal, from Lodz, Poland was instrumental in getting the initial look-and-feel of the FyreWater font established.  Daniel was tasked with creating the initial sketches for many of the characters, which would later be reviewed by the rest of the design team.  Occassionally, John Langdon (below) would suggest a completely different form for some of the sketches, but most of the time Daniel's first instincts were excellent.  Here is one of Daniel's very first sketches, an ambigram of the word "Kindle":


Fyrewater Sketch

You can see that many of the elements from these initial sketches have been retained in the released version of the font.


Ambigram Inventor John Langdon

John Langdon

John Langdon is a legend in the world of ambigrams.  John independently invented the ambigram art form over 40 years ago and has been a practitioner of the craft ever since, having created thousands of designs for satisfied customers all over the world.

John created the Earth, Air, Fire and Water ambigram designs for the Dan Brown book "Angels and Demons", as well as the "Illuminati Diamond" ambigram which presents all four words of those words in one diamond-shaped design.  John Langdon was also the name sake for the Robert Langdon character in Dan's books.

Working with Daniel Dostal, John reviewed, revised and edited the artwork from Daniel and created hundreds of characters from scratch to establish the "base set" of characters for the FyreWater font and provided input on the technical details for the more advanced features.  John's attention to detail and desire for near-perfection made the FyreWater font spectacular!  John would sometimes revise a single character over-and-over and then want to see it "in context" to make sure that the final look-and-feel was something he could be proud of.  The editing history shows that one of the characters (the a-e) was revised no less than 14 times to get it perfect!

The final FyreWater font makes it clear what kind of results come from that level of dedication to your art.

The Fyrewater Font

More of John's artwork can be see at his web site at www.JohnLangdon.net.