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Giving Back

Kaylee HunterFlipScript has decided to "give back" to a cause that is near and dear to its founder: Special Needs Children.  These children come into the world, and through no fault of their own, are given extraordinary difficulties in their lives.  Despite their challenges, we can help them live the best life they possibly can.

Mark Hunter, the inventor, architect and developer of the ambigram creator, has not just one but two special needs children in his home.  His youngest daughter, Kaylee, was born missing a piece of her 4th chromosome, leaving her unable to walk, speak or eat (she is fed through a tube in her stomach).

Despite her condition, Kaylee (and other children like her) is sweet, adorable and lovable.  Her favorite things to do are cuddle and dance.

FlipScript will be donating 10% of its yearly profits to a Special Needs charity each year.  This year, the charity is the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Make a Wish Foundation

The Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Make-a-Wish Foundation makes it possible for Special Needs Children to have their wishes granted.  Some children would like to throw a football to their favorite NFL player, some children want to pretend to be a superhero for a day, and other children would like to visit Disney Land.  FlipScript is donating to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the Foundation will be making the necessary arrangements and payments to make these children's wishes come true.