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FlipScript Site Update

FlipScript.com was just updated to ensure that your experience on the site is fun, friendly, secure and fast.  In addition to minor updates, we just introduced:

  • Compliance with industry standard PCI DSS 3.2 security requirements.
  • A reduced page loading and site performance increases.
  • Subject lines for messages delivered through the contact page.
  • More efficient payment processing.
  • Allowing reward points to cover a purchase in full without requesting any payment information.
  • Additional security measures and fraud filters.

We hope that you enjoy the new upgraded FlipScript.com!

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5/25/2022 6:19 PM
Awesome !
Are there any updates since 5 years ago ?
6/1/2022 3:25 AM
Any new updates?
6/1/2022 5:43 PM
I was confused about the blurry effect but know I understand why. I think is an excellent option
6/6/2022 12:52 AM
FlipScript makes updates to the font characters and site every day, but we usually don't post anything about it. :-)
6/17/2022 5:16 AM
Is this blog still active?
3/26/2023 3:25 PM
Yes, although we do have more followers on our Facebook page (facebook.com/FlipScript).