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FlipScript Ambigrams Hacked!

The FlipScript.com web site was hacked on March 3, 2015.  The site was taken off-line, and data was lost.  It does not appear that any customer information was compromised, and FlipScript does not store payment details or credit card numbers.

We have decided to rebuild the site better than it was before the hack, with support for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, a multi-lingual interface that can be viewed in seven languages and an ambigram creator that is better, faster, easier and more fun than ever before.

We hope to be able to launch in June.

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7/11/2016 9:33 PM
Sounds like a good plan love your site
9/22/2021 6:25 AM
Yeah! Blah, Blah, Blah, I know been hack n yada, yada, yada!

And yes I'm not trying to be rude or din't respect, I'm truly apologies.

I got news for you guys it not working your so called Script Generator in your website.

Try to rebuild the site better than it was before hack with support for mobile phone, tablets, laptops n desktop comp.

I try it testing it to see the design cause your website was in the advertise online was the top 10 number 1 of it.

And while I've been tab new browsing online searching the other generator online then I when i back again to see it, turn out to be only loading for a half an hours n truly sorry to say that when i refresh it still stuck in loading screen for more then 1 hours I din't even see 1 design of the generator ever.

N sorry to say when I close & new tab browser & refresh once more try to re-type the (upright text-box) & (Inverse (optional) text-box) try to click on make preview it again still stuck on loading.

All I want to give an suggestions & say is in this post please guys who ever are in the company "flipscript.com" please try to put a page server down apology in the page if you guys still fixing it or try to put some warning-box, ask every visitor in you website try test it & look if its really work perfectly fine & running good.

Like a game online if there is a bug in it or maintenance try to post or report it so can find what is working or not working in the website.

So people think they are not wasting time visiting your website & to be disappointed in return.

Imagine if you put those in your website or put some warning or ask for an idea nicely for your website they are gonna do it freely & try to help you guys there for fix the problem or give the customer some free gift if they found anything that's not working  perfectly or idea.

& actually people are decent that what i tough not all are bad.

Hey if you guys do that show that good faith and care for the customer if any customer visit this site & try this script generator who knows not even in online promotions advertise but customer from mouth to mouth or hell maybe from family to other customer  friends.

I know I talk to much & sound like an old guy. I just try to give a insights overview & I know some people are patient some are not.

& I pretty sure nature of people some of them are many that is different & some are like that & some are not like that.

From old, average to young people & yeah some are annoying try to get in your nerve I've been there.

And once again I'm sorry if I say something offended.

Hey its how I talk & I'm a straight forward if saying anything. LoL!

& I hope it fix soon & good luck it will work perfectly abt the generator I'm looking forward to it.