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FlipScript Site Update
We always take care of customers. FlipScript has just introduced several performance and security measures to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience on our site.
Thousands of New Ambigrams Possible!

Although we have a very high completion rate for the words, names and phrases used to make ambigrams on the FlipScript.com web site, we are always looking to improve further.

You can now create thousands of new ambigrams on the site.  We have also updated the shape and kerning rules for some improbable edge cases, and even fixed some bugs with the artwork (if artwork can even have bugs!).  Some of you wrote to let us know that the site was down when you visited during a short window last week while we were installing the updates, and we're glad to report back to you that everything is back up and running smoothly with the new updates in place.

By the way, if you ever encounter anything unusual with how one of our ambigram designs come out, please continue to let us know so we can take care of it.  Also, please understand that from time-to-time, we need to install updates on the server to keep everything running smoothly, and usually this means that the site is unavailable for a short while.  It's not usually cause for alarm, but you can always email us to ask and we'd be happy to let you know what's going on.

Now, get out there and create those new ambigrams!

FlipScript Ambigram Products!

FlipScript is again offering ambigram products like mousepads, t-shirts, coasters, key chains and more!

FlipScript Ambigram Products

However, the process for ordering the products has changed.

You will need to first license the ambigram design from FlipScript.com, and once you have licensed the design, you will be able to use it to personalize dozens of ambigram products from our friends at Zazzle.

This allows us to get your products to you much faster, minimizes any potential problems with your order, and helps us to meet deadlines like birthdays and Christmas much more effectively.  Plus, the products are higher quality than in the past.

We know you will love them!


FlipScript.com Check-out Greatly Improved
Ordering speed at FlipScript.com was just improved by over 300%!
FlipScript.com Site Availability

The FlipScript.com web site will continue to have short periods of down-time over the next week or so, to allow for site improvements to be installed.  Also, additional testing will likely mean that content, styles and site organization will need to be editted to fit a variety of target devices.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work on the user experience of the site.

FlipScript Cares About Your Security and Privacy

FlipScript has enabled SSL security for the entire web site, to ensure that your communications across the internet are secure.  The secure connection is not restricted to just ordering pages, but every page of the site.  We care about your right to privacy and security as much as you do, and we decided to take these extra steps to ensure that your actions are private any time you are on our web site.

FlipScript.com is Back!

Thank you for all of your patience.  The web site hack took the site down for longer than we expected, since the site could not be recovered.

However, we decided to rebuild the site even better than before!  As you can see, the model for the site has changed as well.  We are focused exclusively on the designs, and we will be partnering with other companies for the products.  We weren't able to get all of the features that we wanted into the site before launch, so there will be more coming in the future.

Please let us know what you think!

FlipScript Ambigrams Hacked!

The FlipScript.com web site was hacked on March 3, 2015.  The site was taken off-line, and data was lost.  It does not appear that any customer information was compromised, and FlipScript does not store payment details or credit card numbers.

We have decided to rebuild the site better than it was before the hack, with support for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, a multi-lingual interface that can be viewed in seven languages and an ambigram creator that is better, faster, easier and more fun than ever before.

We hope to be able to launch in June.