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Ambigram Artwork Bundle

Ambigram Artwork Bundle

Create an ambigram design that you can read upright and upside-down, and receive it in minutes using our Ambigram Artwork Bundle! Comes with a 16 page PDF eBook, 1 high definition (HD) rendering and 25 instant previews so you can choose your favorite design. It's everything you need to enjoy your new ambigram design, all in one bundle.



Create a design that will read as any word, name or phrase when it's upright, and read as any other word, name or phrase when it's upside-down!

You will be able to see what your ambigram artwork will look like "live" right after typing it in!  The Ambigram Artwork Bundle comes included with up to 25 previews, so you can find your perfect design.

Once you have found the design you want, it will be registered, licensed and packaged into a high resolution eBook, which will be emailed to you and waiting in your email inbox only a few minutes after you create it.

In addition to the design and licensing, your 16 page eBook will come with the following:

  • Tattoo stencil / artistic outline
  • High Definition (HD) rendering on transparent background
  • Sizing variations
  • Alternate presentation
  • Heart-shaped ambigrams
  • Infinity symbol twist
  • Personalized products offering (coasters, mousepads, playing cards, etc.)
Ambigram eBook Full Contents (all 16 pages):
  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction Letter / Table of Contents
  5. Certificate of Authenticity
  6. High Definition (HD) rendering
  7. Stencil Outline
  8. Design at Various sizes
  9. Alternate Presentation of Design
  10. Heart Design
  11. Love Design
  12. Infinity Symbol
  13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  14. Ambigram Artwork Licensing Agreement (page 1)
  15. Ambigram Artwork Licensing Agreement (page 2)
  16. Ambigram Product Offer