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AI Image Generator Comparison

AI Image generators create an image based on a text prompt, but there is one image that almost all AI image generators struggle with: an ambigram.

In case you didn't know, an ambigram is a word design that can be read in more than one way, typically by rotating the design 180 degrees so it can be read both upright and upside-down.

We tested the FlipScript AI Ambigram Generator against all of the other major AI Image Generators so we could compare the results in a head-to-head test.  The results are below.

The Rules:

The rules for the comparison are as follows:

  1. Each AI Image generator would receive the same exact text prompt
  2. For AI systems that generate more than one result, the output that came closest to being an ambigram was listed
  3. The dimensions of each image were standardized at 200 x 200 pixels

AI Image Generator Results:

Prompt 1: "Make an ambigram saying Friends and Family"

(Hover or drag images to spin)

Prompt 2: "Generate a word design that says Angel when viewed upright and says Devil when viewed upside down"

Prompt 3: "Create a script style ambigram, colored sky blue, that says the word "skydiving" around a circle on an antique white background"