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About Us

Mark and Laurie HunterIn early 2004, software entrepreneur Mark Hunter created an ambigram that said his first name when upright and his last name upside-down.  Hunter decided to have a Silver ring custom made from his ambigram design.

Ambigram Ring

Although originally intended only for his own amusement, he received comments from people about the ring wherever he went.

He kept hearing how great the ambigram concept would be for couples, and he ended up designing dozens of ambigrams for couples that he knew before realizing that his system of hand-drawing ambigram designs just wasn't scalable. Hunter invented, sketched and began working on concepts for a scalable, software-based method of automatically creating ambigrams.

"Making a high-quality ambigram by hand is hard. I would sometimes take the better part of a day just to create a single design", said Hunter, "I needed a better, faster way to create high quality ambigrams".

No one had ever created an automated system for generating high-quality ambigrams, and at the time, it was rumored to be impossible.  Hunter set a goal for himself to write a system that could create in seconds what can take a person hours to design.  That is, if the person could do it at all!

Hunter's goal of creating a scalable way to create ambigrams on demand was a big goal, but he reached it.  Today, Hunter's invention can create a high quality ambigram in seconds.